I was born and raised in Aruba, graduating from high school in Seroe Colorado.  My wife (also raised in Aruba) and I have been visiting “The Rock” 4 times a year for many years and enjoying it more than ever.  Knowing this, many of our friends have asked my advice on where to stay, what to do, and where to eat on the island.  I have compiled and organized many letters and emails into a booklet entitled, “How To Enjoy Aruba, One Man’s Opinion.”  It is intended for first time visitors to Aruba, but it contains material that even the most experienced Aruba tourist will find informative.  It is online and free.  To read the booklet, click  here.



I am also interested in photography, and Aruba provides a great place for a variety of photo-ops:  sunsets, seascapes, landscapes, birds, critters, family settings, beach shots (ahem), landmarks, tourist activities, and a lot more.  To check out my Aruba pictures, click here.


Thank you for your interest!

Charlie Smith


                                              SEASCAPE NEAR NATURAL POOL, ARUBA