_G2F8626FaceOnlyI was born and raised in Aruba, graduating from high school in the ex-patriot community of (what is now called) Seroe Colorado.  My wife was also raised there.  (Hey, we met when I was in 10th grade and she was in 8th.)  Anyway, Aruba was a great place to call your hometown.  And even now, as a popular tourist spot, it is still a great place.  We have been visiting “The Rock” over 10 weeks a year for many years now and enjoying the island more than ever.  Knowing this, many of our friends have asked my advice on where to stay, what to do, and where to eat in Aruba.  Organizing emails and notes I have generated over the years, I have written several documents in order to help the new Aruba tourist feel comfortable and confident visiting Aruba.



We very much enjoy our timeshare in Aruba, Costa Linda Beach Resort…so much so that we have bought many weeks at Costa Linda and we rent most of them out.  This website includes a section on the resort in case you want to check out a fine place to stay.



I enjoy photography, so I have included pictures in these documents as well.  What I have ended up with is a collection of booklets and pictures on this website, all of which are free.  My objective is to introduce you to Aruba and make the time you spend on the island as enjoyable as possible.


Feel free to email me and ask me about anything Aruban.  I’ll be glad to answer.  My email address is:  ArubaSmith@Yahoo.com





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Thank you for your interest!

Charlie Smith



Seascape near Natural Pool, Aruba